The philosophy

CITÉ DES SAVOIRS aéronautiques et spatiaux



As the flagship site for the Aerospace sector, TARMAQ, Cité des savoirs aéronautiques et spatiaux, will unite several activities through a unique, open concept. TARMAQ will be the reference site for the diffusion of Aerospace Knowledge, by:


Making the Aerospace culture accessible to all...

...through a set of different activities, from short-term visitor experiences targeting a general audience, to qualification-based training, including science mediation and an interactive presentation of Aerospace heritage. TARMAQ’s keywords will be discovery, sharing, openness, education and transmission.

Raising awareness on career opportunities and skills needs... the Aerospace sector, providing special attention to social inclusion and the diversity of jobs and training paths. TARMAQ will thus strengthen the attractiveness of this sector amongst all categories of population, regardless of age, social background or gender. A specific focus will be given to gender equality and inclusiveness in the Aerospace industry.



Providing the Nouvelle-Aquitaine territory with a hub...

...for its thriving Aerospace sector, making it visible to a wide audience at regional, national and international levels. TARMAQ, as a novel concept mixing aerospace experiences, high-end interactive equipments, heritage, education and innovation, will be a major highlight for locals and tourists alike.

Knowledge Acquisition

Education, Training and Access to Employment
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Knowledge Transmission

Heritage and History
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Knowledge Dissemination

Aerospace Culture and Experiences
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Knowledge Valorization

Demonstration and Innovation
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