Knowledge Acquisition


Knowledge Acquisition


TARMAQ's activities

Education, Training and Employment

TARMAQ will implement a number of training courses, and will offer technical equipments to partner training operators or industrial companies to implement learning activities on emerging skills needs:

  • Emerging jobs (aircraft deconstruction and dismantlement, predictive maintenance, drone maintenance…)
  • Airport-related jobs
  • Flight crew training
  • Training courses requiring proximity with industrial sites (on-the-job training, type rating, type conversion)
  • Field training workshops allowing access to employment for job seekers, by training them for emerging jobs (i.e. aircraft deconstruction)

In the aftermath of the 2008 economic downturn, the Aerospace industry was faced with a major HR challenge, due to the lack of available qualified workforce, under-developed education and training pathways, and a general lack of attractiveness compared with other business areas. TARMAQ will help anticipate the sector’s recovery, and the new skills that will be required to sustain it.

Knowledge Dissemination

Aerospace Culture and Experiences

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