Our mission

from idea to realization



Pre-Launch Group

The TARMAQ Pre-Launch Group was created in April 2020 by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, Bordeaux Métropole and the City of Mérignac. These local authorities decided to launch a Cité des Savoirs Aéronautiques et Spatiaux, TARMAQ, on the territory of the Opération d’Intérêt Métropolitain Bordeaux Aeroparc. This project aims at providing the regional Aerospace sector with an internationally visible flagship site.


The TARMAQ Pre-Launch Group’s mission is to lead the launching phase of the future Cité des savoirs aéronautiques et spatiaux. Its activities include:

  • Conducting preliminary studies before the start of the construction
  • Validating the project’s business model and the share of each set of activities
  • Elaborating and implementing the legal and financial model, concluding strategic partnerships with the sector’s key stakeholders, establishing an endowment fund to seek philanthropic contributions
  • Making sure the project remains in line with the public interest represented by the founders of the TARMAQ Pre-Launch Group.